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2007 Ford Mustang

2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang
2007 Ford Mustang

2007 Ford Mustang    2007 Ford Mustang
To view all 180+ full size pictures including immaculate underside, beautiful interior, incredible engine box with 725 HP 5.4 DOHC V8, dash plaque signed by Carroll Shelby on it with car's VIN # (very rare) please copy and paste on this link. This is a very rare car. It is the 4th Super Snake built and the first 725HP Kenne Bell Super Snake built for the public. The first one built went to Carroll Shelby and was Torch Red, the second one was black and went to Amy Boylan, then president of Shelby American, the third Super Snake built was a Grabber Orange convertible that another friend of mine owns and was the first Super Snake to the public and 625 HP with the TVS supercharger, and this car was the first 725 HP Super Snake built for the public and the 4th car built. These cars didn't get numbered in order as you could request a number to match another car #, birthday etc. This was the first Vista Blue Super Snake also and is a 1 of 1 built with it's options. All of this can be verified with the Shelby American Registry. Comes with a 10 stack of every receipt and overly fanatical maintenance since new, original Ford and Shelby brochures, order forms, original stickers/tags, copies of emails from Shelby employees, original key tags, both keys/remotes, the expensive Gary Disney custom fit car cover/bag with cars CSM # on it, dash plaque signed by Carroll Shelby with certificate of authenticity, and the original SCT tuner with the 725 HP street tune and another tune for a smaller pulley and race gas that raises the HP to over 900 if you so dare to(never used on this car)!

It is in absolutely outstanding condition from top to bottom and it is completely sorted with no issues, unlike other Super Snakes with super low miles that haven't been dialed in. I would not take the time to take all the pictures and videos, and write as much as I have if the car wasn't worthy either. It is absolutely spectacular in absolutely every way and drives perfectly, basically like a brand new car, 14 years later! I don't like to call anything perfection, but this car really is darn close!!

725 HP and is very fast and drives like stock until you romp on it. He even has pictures of the car on the transport truck arriving to Shelby American. He kept it in his carpeted garage in IL and only driven in the nicest of weather until he moved to FL a few years ago and then also kept it in his carpeted garage there. Car has never been in the rain or any bad weather. It was basically their weekend fun car.

He is now in his late 60's and has now decided to let someone else now enjoy this car as he has retired from car events now. It has won many first place trophies over the years at various Mustang and Ford shows including many Mustang Club of America events. It has been to Dearborn Shelby Events, Woodward Dream Cruise and some other notable events. Car is signed by Jamal Hameedi from SVT, Carroll Shelby, Gary Patterson and Amy Boylan. It is the most documented Super Snake I have EVER seen!!

Car has 20,055 original miles and just had new stripes, new top of dash gauges and front rotors/brake pads done at Shelby in Vegas and I just changed all the fluids and filters from front to rear within the past 50 miles. It has been started at least every 2 weeks its' whole life and let get up to operating temperature and driven around the block, weather permitting. Nothing leaks or seeps and car is as close to showroom new as you will find. He is a car enthusiasts that has owned several Shelby vehicles over the years and only hand washed and hand waxed it. He even waxed the door jams and cleaned the underside and inside of the wheels often.

Underside and engine box has always been sprayed with protectant to keep everything protected and looking new. You can see the reflections of the clouds and palm trees in my pictures link above. Never abused, and never driven by kids. It is almost impossible to find one of these cars where the bodies and undersides are so clean and so tastefully built and well sorted.

Even the insides of the wheels have been wiped down after being driven. Absolutely nothing leaks or seeps unlike other low mileage ones that have not been stored correctly and started often.

It gets thumbs up where ever you go and cruises at freeway speeds with ease. I have it priced to sell immediately and needs absolutely nothing to show, drive and enjoy right away. Car has been maintained with an open wallet, Don't miss out and regret it later, you will never find another one this well maintained and well built, this well kept, this low of mileage, and is ready to do what ever you choose with it.... Everything professionally done since new and very well thought out. These Super Snakes have absolutely ZERO traction when sent to owners by Shelby American, mostly because of the Pirelli tires that were like roller skates!!

This car has much better Michelin Pilot Sports that are considerably stickier and have less than 1K miles on them and installed last year. He kept absolutely every piece of paper pertaining to this car. This is one of the best documented Super Snakes Built!! Only the best of the best on this car. Full synthetic Motorcraft oil and filter changes ever 2K miles or once a year what ever came first.

Everything works in unison and there are no issues, flat spots, hesitations, etc. It also has the Shelby transmission cooler brace and scoop underneath, the very expensive 6 piston Shelby/Baer Racing front AND rear brakes (most only have upgraded front brakes), the rare polished strut tower brace that was only installed on maybe 5 SS's that clears the Kenne Bell Supercharger, the expensive upgraded coolant tanks (this car was the prototype they fitted the tanks too) for the supercharger and radiator, and the KR rear differential expansion tank to keep fluid from spraying all over underside during spirited driving. This car also has the rare Gen 1 carbon fiber front bumper splitter and Gen 1 hood that was actually functional to cool the engine.

No worries about anything on this car for a very long time and for piece of mind as it needs nothing. It is a very special GT500 Super Snake and all work has been professionally done. It is very well built and well sorted with no issues and comes with all extras shown. It was built to be a very fun weekend car that you can drive anywhere with cold A/C and run low 10's on 91 octane pump gas!!

It drives like stock until you punch it! With 725 HP it is an absolute beast.

It is really, really fast and balanced to perfection where you can actually drive and enjoy it... After being disappointed by all the ratty other Super Snake Shelby's out there and looking at this one, please feel free to message me. This car is exceptionally nice from top to bottom!! Any other collector car you may be looking at, please make sure they have underside shots.

Even super low mileage cars if stored in humid area, the undersides are rusty and corroded just from the air. This one is super clean and the many underside pictures show this. Each time it has been driven to a show, it was put on a lift and detailed underneath. You can see all the original tags, stickers, paint marks, chalk markings etc.

This car is as solid as can be! Don't miss out, this incredible 725 HP Mustang GT500 Super Snake will sell, hopefully to you. It has been lovingly detailed and waxed often, even the engine box door and trunk jams, and underside are immaculate.

Look at the refection's in the paint in my pictures in the Photobucket link above. Try finding one of these these cars that has never been abused, or driven in bad weather like this one and has such an immaculate underside. It looks, starts, runs, smells, and drives like brand new car but with out all the expensive maintenance of a new car. Suspension and steering is tight with no wandering or looseness, no clunks or rattles when going over bumps, no wind noise, brakes stop on a dime (Baer Racing, built for Shelby and 6 piston front and rear with blue powder coating and embossed logos), stunningly clean interior and underside. Seats and floor mats always covered with towels when driven. Original floor mats still look like new also with no wear marks and have been covered with towels when driven. No worn down seat leather upholstery or foam here. They look, smell and feel like brand new. Inside of the truck boasts a good amount of space, surprisingly.

You can fit 2 sets of golf clubs in the trunk also if you choose to take it to the golf course to wow your friends!! You will not find a nicer, lower mileage immaculate car such as this that needs nothing for the price. I can honestly say that, because there are none other like this car anywhere for sale. Please take the time to view the link above with the 180+ detailed photos and watch the 17 videos, it IS WELL WORTH the wait to scroll through them all, and PLEASE read the entire description before asking questions (I know it is long, but I wanted to cover all bases) If you are serious, I know you will read every word, and look at every picture in detail.

It is priced for a quick sale to the discriminating enthusiast/collector that appreciates all the details, cleanliness, and correctness of a beautiful. Mustang GT 500 Super Snake with 725HP and that is built to actually handle what it has perfectly! Everything correct on this car for both finish and function, so you don't have to do a thing to enjoy immediately. Ready to show, play, collect, or to just enjoy right away. Can be used in parades, proms, etc.

These cars are usually abused, beat and hard to find like this one or super low miles and not stored properly. Car has to be paid for in full before it leaves. You will not be disappointed with this car over the others out there.

In the long run, any other still wont be as nice of a car as this one is already, plus such great provenance and all these options and extras. This 6 speed manual is smooth as butter, clutch is not stiff, and much more fun than any automatic vehicle and sounds great with the stainless steel Shelby Borla mufflers. It is very easy to drive. Your wife could drive it and enjoy it too!!

It is easy to start, drive, park and drive on the freeway. Even the pickiest of people will be more than happy with this car. These cars are safe, fun and powerful. Car has very few flaws, much less than you would expect for a 14 year old car.

Very little road rash or flaws in the paint. This car will sell, don't miss out, you will never find another like it in this condition and so immaculate. No expenses spared on this car from top to bottom, and front to back. Everything functions like it is supposed to.

In my 25+ years in the automotive business, I have rarely seen, owned, or driven a nicer built and well engineered vehicle that is so fantastically maintained and taken care of. I have owned over 1000 Mustangs, Shelby's, Big Block's, Boss's, Pantera's, Saleen's, Corvette's, Camaros, Roush's, Cobra's. Lightning's etc, mostly collector models, and rarely see a vehicle (of ANY type or model) kept in this condition. I just don't have space for more cars.

Please no offers of any trades. Suspension and steering is smooth and not bouncy or twitchy when driving down the road, or on the freeway and handles beautifully. Does not wander when on freeway.

Any questions, please message me and I will respond promptly. Outright price for this beautiful Shelby. You will NOT find another this nice with this many upgrades and extras in this price range!!

Don't miss this one, you will never find another like it. If you need a loan, have it set up and approved first please. JJ Best is a great collector car finance company that can get you approved fast if you need a loan. I do my best to describe everything to the best of my ability and knowledge.

Car is currently insured, titled and registered. Plate does not go with the car.

Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer promptly. I treat others like I want to be treated. In summary: EVERYTHING works properly as intended. No burnt out bulbs anywhere, the dash lights, gauges, all work perfectly and are accurate. You can let it idle all day in 100 degree heat and it does not get hot.

The A/C and heat work perfect. Mustang GT 500 Super Snake. Is absolutely like a step back in time when these beauties were still made with the 6 speed manual! I have a new 2021 GT500 and this car is not only faster, but way more fun and way lighter and nimble.

It runs and drives excellent and has never been abused or driven by kids. There are no odd odors, odd rattles, or odd noises. Transmission has no grinds or pop outs. It can sit for 2 weeks and it drips nothing. Door close solid with a thump.

You can drive this car anywhere, anytime. Mileage may also vary minimally as car may be driven for supervised test drives and/or inspections and it is driven after letting it warm up to keep fluids flowing through all systems every 2 weeks, weather permitting.

Car will still be kept indoors when not being driven. Please feel free to ask questions and I will answer promptly. This car doesn't need a thing to enjoy right away. It is a no excuse, honest car, that needs nothing to use it and enjoy immediately. It is maintained right and completely sorted from top to bottom, front to back. The paint color combination and options are simply stunning and it turns heads where ever you go. People stop at stop lights and gas stations and make comments on how clean and great sounding it is.

Car is simple and inexpensive to maintain and is very safe and fun. Be the envy of your friends and neighbors!

No excuses, issues, or stories with this car. But how many can have a like new 14 year old car that still looks and drives like this one?

Have a great day and thank you for looking and (hopefully) reading my long description. I just want to be thorough. Each time I think of something else, I revise the listing, add more pictures, and before I know it, it ends up this long!! Very few read what I end up writing, but if you have, thank you!! I write as much as I do and take the amount of pictures that I do, so you can be 100% comfortable as to exactly what you are getting.

Feel free to contact me with any questions and have a great day. The item "2007 Ford Mustang" is in sale since Wednesday, November 17, 2021. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Cars & Trucks\Ford\Mustang". The seller is "shelbygt500mustangshop" and is located in Palm Springs, California.

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  • Engine: 725 HP 5.4L DOHC Supercharged V8
  • Model: Mustang
  • Sub Model: Multiple First Place Show Winner. Incredible Car
  • Safety Features: Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Interior Color: Black
  • For Sale By: Private Seller
  • Exterior Color: Vista Blue
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
  • Year: 2007
  • Options: CD Player
  • Power Options: Air Conditioning
  • Number of Cylinders: 8
  • Transmission: Tremec 6 Speed Manual
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Mileage: 20055
  • Make: Ford
  • Drive Type: RWD
  • Body Type: Coupe
  • Title: 1 Owner 1st 725 HP Kenne Bell Shelby GT500 Super Snake Coupe.
  • SubTitle: 1 Owner 1st 725 HP Kenne Bell Shelby GT500 Super Snake Coupe.
  • VIN: 1ZVHT88S975286357
  • VIN Number: 1ZVHT88S975286357
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  • Deposit amount: 500.0
  • Deposit type: 1

2007 Ford Mustang    2007 Ford Mustang